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Trophy presented to Rosanna Taylor

Agnes, Chair of FAS had the pleasant opportunity to present the trophy to Rosanna Taylor, for winning the First Prize as the Best Picture in our Painting Challenge competition.


You can still view the winners and runners up below

First Prize – Best Picture
Fishing Apparatus in Mullion Bay by Rosanna Taylor

Fishing Apparatus in Mullion Bay by Rosanne TaylorPainting challenge13.jpeg

This is a very accomplished and confident painting with some excellent rendering of difficult textures such as the ropes and fabric. It is evident that a lot of hard work has gone into the picture both in the extremely competent draughtsmanship and the painting technique. My eye is caught by the ropes and is invited to travel round and round the composition occasionally resting on a float or a brick -very clever and well done!

Second Prize -Most Original Composition
Tulips and Pottery by Jill Garnett

Painting challenge17.jpeg

Although this is essentially a still-life painting, the pattern and composition have become as much the subject matter as the vase, flowers, pots etc. The motifs are echoed throughout the painting creating a lovely sense of unity. The abstraction of the still-life group allows for subtle repetition of shapes and patterns inviting the viewer to linger and look longer.

Third Prize -Most Skilful Technique
Reflections by David Willis

Painting challenge6.jpeg

Watercolours are difficult at the best of times and I am very impressed with the clear and direct technique used to paint all the reflections in this painting. Beautifully simplified, yet says all it needs to in a very complex still-life group. The limited palette enhances the design, and the no fuss watercolour style reinforces the clear reflections of the different surfaces.


All of our submissions are availible to view in our  gallery

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